Used Tires

More and more, consumers are buying used tires as a cost effective alternative to expensive new replacement tires. Rising oil prices have caused driving expenses to sky rocket, and not just at the gas pump. High petroleum costs have contributed to price increases in the new tire market.

Since replacement tires are often an unexpected expense, due to accidents or blowouts, used tires can be an affordable option over new tires that are not in the budget when they are needed. Buying used tires is also an environmentally friendly approach, since extending the usable life of safe, structurally sound tires effectively decreases waste.

But is it safe to buy used tires for my vehicle?

The answer is “yes” if you buy them from a knowledgeable and reputable tire expert. Our seasoned team has extensive experience in tires and is able to thoroughly evaluate used tires, ensuring offer only the best and safest selections for our customers. We will help you find used tires of the best quality from the most trusted brands available.

We are here to serve you with the area’s best used tire selection and prices, as well as knowledgeable assistance. Stop by or contact us!

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