Brakes Service

Hogan Tire serves heavy duty truck brakes needs with brake service and maintenance performed by certified, fully trained technicians. The Hogan Tire team is proud to serve the commercial brake needs of all types of fleets

Hogan Tire services both air brake and hydraulic brake systems. Air brake or compressed air brake systems stop heavy-duty trucks quickly using compressed air to apply pressure to the brake pad. While powerful and effective, air brakes need consistent, thorough maintenance. Hydraulic brake systems also require continual service and inspection. Hydraulic brakes rely on brake fluid to transfer pressure to the brake pads. With time, the hydraulic brakes components wear out and need replacement.

Dependable brake service is essential to the safety and well-being of your fleet. Compromised truck brakes put the truck driver, the load, and other road users in serious jeopardy. At Hogan Tire, we will diagnose your truck and vehicle brake problems and provide high quality brake work. We also serve your fleet’s brake maintenance needs.

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