Oil Change Service

Hogan Tire meets commercial fleet service needs with heavy duty truck and vehicle oil changes performed by certified and trained technicians. The Hogan Tire team is proud to serve the commercial oil change needs of all fleets big or small.

A commercial truck spends a lot of time on the road. That means the many parts that are inside the engine also spend a lot of time in motion. The friction involved with that motion causes part wear and creates excessive heat. Oil is designed to lubricate engine components while also absorbing heat so the engine can perform at peak levels without overheating. As miles add up on a commercial truck, engine oil breaks down causing it to be less effective at protecting the engine from heat and friction. Performing commercial oil changes as part of routine maintenance helps protect the engine from overheating, and prevents catastrophic damage that could result in substantial future repair bills.

Commercial oil change services will keep your fleet profitable, and ensure dependable service life from your commercial vehicles. Trust the Hogan Tire team of professionals with your fleet oil change needs.

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