Store Managers

Learn more about our store managers and their roles at our Hogan Tire locations!  We want you to trust in our employees before you even step foot in our doors.

Customer Policy

Mike Hawkes, General Manager

Mike has been in the automotive industry since 1979. He began as a tire technician and in 2008 started at Hogan Tire Co. Within time, Mike accepted the position as the General Manager of Hogan Tire. He is quite the automotive guru and has also served the role as service manager, inside and outside sales. Mike’s uncle inspired him to join the automotive industry and he’s sure glad he did. When he isn’t at Hogan Tire Co., you can find him enjoying snow mobiles, hunting, camping or riding his Harley. He enjoys to spend as much time with his wife and kids as possible.

Brian Brown, Houlton Truck Stop Store Manager

Brian has been in the automotive industry since 1991, beginning his career at Hogan Tire.  He started in sales, working his way up to store manager. You can find Brian greeting his customers with a big smile on his face!  If you have any questions on tires, Brian is the go-to and can help you get the perfect tire for your vehicle no matter the budget.

Steve Easler, Presque Isle Store Manager

Steve has been in the automotive industry since 1985. He began selling automotive parts and then moved to assistant manager and outside sales manager. In 1999, he joined the Hogan team and is now the store manager. In Steve’s spare time he enjoys working on old cars, hunting and snow sledding. Steve and his wife own an ankle biter dog (can be a real sweetheart), who is a protector of her and tolerates Steve. They also have a very cuddly Maine Coon.

Johnny Anderson, Caribou Store Manager

Johnny has been in the automotive industry since 1983! He first began as a tire technician and then moved on to become an alignment technician and a heavy duty truck specialist. Johnny is currently the store manager of the family owned auto shop, Hogan Tire Co. When Johnny isn’t working at the auto shop he enjoys hunting and any other outdoor activity. Johnny is a major family man and enjoys spending extra time with them.

Eric Anderson, Lincoln Store Manager

Eric has been in the automotive industry since 1998. As a family owned auto shop, Eric’s uncle Johnny, persuaded Eric to work for Hogan Tire Co. Eric first began as a tire changer and then moved to parts service and assistant manager and currently is the store manager. Johnny is living the ultimate bachelor lifestyle that includes anything with the great outdoors. Ask him about his golf swing, he says “it’s par for the course.

Rhonda Ryder, Lincoln Store Manager

Rhonda has been in the auto industry since 1992. She began as the Bookkeeper, which only lasted for six months before she was promoted to the front counter, scheduling, receptionist and customer service guru. She originally worked for Lincoln Tire before Hogan Tire took over in 1998. Currently, she is a sales superstar for Hogan Tire Co. Rhonda loves spending time with her kiddos and grandchildren. Be sure to ask Rhonda about her camping trips with her grandchildren! Rhonda calls herself a people person and loves to meet new folks all the time!

Mike Parks, Houlton Store Manager

Mike began his career in the automotive industry in 1972.  Before he became a manager at Hogan Tire, he was first a tire changer.  Mike actually started his career at Hogan Tire and worked his way up.  Mike is very good at his job and truly enjoys helping customers get the right tires and services they need.  When you visit our Hogan Bangor St. location, be sure to ask for Mike! 

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