Custom Booster Cables

For optimal flexibility and conductivity, trust in Hogan Tire for a variety of custom booter cable gauges and sizes!

Hogan Tire is your source for custom booster cables built to fit your specific needs. We custom build your booster cables from the highest quality materials and get them built fast, so you'll have them when you need them.

Hogan Tire offers a wide range of custom booster cable gauge options including:

  • 2/0 Cable - for extreme applications such as agricultural equipment and diesel trucks
  • 1/0 Cable - for heavy duty jumper cables, large trucks, and farm vehicles
  • 2 GA Cable - to exceed the requirements of most passenger vehicle applications
  • 4 GA Cable - for use with smaller vehicles, smaller tractors, and golf carts
  • 6 GA Cable - for ATVs, motorcycles, and small equipment

The cable and connectors we use in our custom booster cables are made from the best materials for optimal conductivity and flexibility. These cables offer the added benefits of temperature, abrasion, and chemical resistance.

We are Central and Northern Maine's source for custom booster cables. Contact Hogan Tire to discuss your specific application needs.

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