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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update, 3/25/20

COVID-19 Update, 3/25/20

To all Customers, Vendors, and Employees:

We have been designated as an essential business. We will be open to serve our customers but with changes to our daily practices in the short term to comply with the Governors recent mandates.

The following guidelines will be set into effect 3/25/20 at all Hogan Tire Locations.

This is to help limit exposure and possible transmission to all customers and employees:

  • No Customers will be allowed in the building other than front sales counter and front parts counters
  • Our parts and service doors will be open to allow access but all other doors will be closed to any customer. You will be allowed in to talk to our Service and Parts advisors but not allowed to go beyond their area on into shop. 
  • Vehicles can be dropped off before or after hours with keys dropped in our key drop box, we ask that you provide us with a name and phone number so we may contact you. We also will be providing pickup and delivery service as much as possible in our local areas.
  • Vendor traffic will be provided a designated drop spot.
  • We are encouraging customers to call in any parts orders, we will try to have all parts pulled and set in a designated area for pick up.
  • We are implementing basic hygiene and infection prevention measures which will include:
  • Sanitizing our front counters, waiting areas, restrooms, ECT.
  • Promoting frequent and thorough hand washings for employees, also available for customers in designated restrooms.
  • Promote frequent cleaning and wiping of all frequent touch points such as door handles, counter tops, credit card terminals, 
  • Encourage respiratory etiquette, including covering all coughs and sneezes
  • We ask that customers stay in designated waiting area, limit contact, and keep a safe distance from other customers and our employees, limit touching of counters, remotes, ECT.
  • All customer vehicles will be wiped down before bringing into shop and after service is performed on all touch points including, keys, steering wheels, door handles, shift levers and any other frequently touched surfaces.

We greatly appreciate your consideration and cooperation during these trying times.


                        Hogan Tire

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